Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Asian Events in Chicago - February

Hey peeps!
Every month I'll post events in or near Chicago that celebrate various Asian Cultures. Experiencing and supporting these events are great ways to learn more about the Asian cultures you admire.

As new events/concerts are added I will update this post. Also if there are any events I missed or one you're hosting, shoot me a message and I'll add it to the list!

Hope to see you all at some of these events!

Saturday Feb 10th

3 - 8pm / Bloomingdale, IL
No pricing information available

Sunday Feb 11th

10am (Every Sunday) / Japanese Culture Center
Price: -_-

11 - 1pm / Japanese American Service Committee
Price:No pricing information available

12pm / Japanese Culture Center
Price: o_o

Tuesday Feb 13

7pm (Every Tuesday) / Japanese Cultural Center
Price: o_o

Saturday Feb 17

11 - 8pm / Chinatown
(There seems to be a discrepancy with the date and time. It's being said it will actually take place on Feb 25th at 1pm.)
Price: (^_^) but with the purchase of a Year of the Dog tee shirt

2 - 4pm / Chinese American Museum of Chicago
Price: *(^o^)* but must register for waiting list

1 - 6pm / Japanese Culture Center
Price: o_o $275 with registration 

4:30 - 6:30pm / Chinese American Museum of Chicago
Price: *(^o^)* with registration

Tue Feb 20th

6 - 9pm / Cai
Price: o_o

Tue Feb 20th and Wed 21st

7 - 9pm / Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya
Price: (^_^) a small donation

Saturday Feb 24th

10 - 12pm / Japanese Culture Center
Price: o_o

1pm / Navy Pier Aon Grand Ballroom
Price: *(^o^)*

Sunday Feb 25th

3pm / Chinese American Museum of Chicago Raymond B and Jean T. Lee Center
Price: *(^o^)*

Also the Japanese American Service Committee is hosting various cooking classes through the year. Check the link for more information.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

6 Korean Fashion Instagrams to Follow

Instagram is known for being the place to see what's new and happening. Every country seems to have an offering of celebrities with devoted followings that can keep you engaged for hours. From the myriad workout selfies to delicious food porn: you can get inspiration from anywhere! So of course Seoul, Korea is not an exception. Though it might not be a style capital yet it has many models, magazines and designers who are taking the world by storm. 

So here are 6 awesome Instagram peeps you should follow right now!

1. Mutzine @mutzine

Cool online magazine showcasing indie street fashion culture. Get inspiration for your next outfit or mood board from this 'gram.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

8 Fun KPop Workouts for the New Year

Getting in shape is usually the Number 1 New Years Resolution year after year... 

It's also the Number 1 New Years Resolution dropped!

Usually busy schedules, family duties and just it seeming like an overall chore is one of many reasons why I and most others drop this resolution.

But thankfully I've found an easy solution to this woe!

Personally, I've found that I'm more eager to do things (specifically workout) when there's familiarity and good memories attached, i.e. listening to Kpop gives me memories of when I lived in Korea, my first concerts there etc. So why not add Kpop music to my workout?

Sounds simple right? It's even more simple since I've comprised a list for you!

But before jumping in I want to share 3 tips on finding the best Kpop workouts for you.

Things I look for in a Kpop workout:

1) Easy steps to follow along to (descriptive words to the explain next move.)

2) Easy Moves (repetitive moves that are easy to memorize because we're not trying to try out for a dance team here!)

3) A fun atmosphere!

And that's it! This list is just to get you started. Hopefully you'll dig in and find the many fun Kpop workouts out there.

So here are 8 Fun Kpop Workouts to try this New Year 2018!

1. Twice - Signal by Fittoakay

Monday, September 4, 2017

New Life in Chicago!

Wow hello everyone!!!

It literally has been a year and 7 months since I've blogged. That's crazy right? Literally during that entire time I had no enthusiasm to write.

Just none.

99.9% had to do with me being back in my boring hometown of Kansas City. There's just nothing to do! I mean yeah, if you like drinking all night long or are a stay at home mom with 5 kids and likes to spend the day at Target then yeah, it's the most coolest place ever! But lo and behold neither of those are me.

I'm 28 (29 in November), single (was in a relationship for almost 2 years but I'll tell you about that later), no kids (thank you Jesus) and have traveled the world! I want to hang out with my well traveled and open-minded friends at a cool coffee shop then go to karaoke and sing the entire BigBang MADE album and end the night with bulgogi and sam gyeop sal!

I kind of was able to do that in Kansas City thanks to my great friend (and only friend in Kansas City) Carol. She showed me this back end of a strip mall that was literally a "Little Korea" with a Thai, Korean &Japanese restaurant, a Korean grocery store, a Korean stationary store and freaking Tour Les Jours. Yes! Can you believe they opened one in Kansas City? ME neither. So with her, once a month we'd escape to Little Korea but other than that life has been a bore.

Things are now a changing!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

K-DIY 2NE1/BIGBANG Kpop Block Letters - Home Décor

Hey guys, it's the Pink Fashion Ninja back with another K-DIY Home Décor!

This DIY is all about creating an awesome focal in your room by putting to good use the pile of k-pop stickers you have. Now personally I have a ton of stickers from the myriad BIGBANG and 2NE1 concerts I've been to along with cute Sungkyunkwan Scandal ones I've had for well for 4 years. So after staring at these stickers for so long and wondering what I could possibly do with them, I went to my favorite craft store and brainstormed the idea of putting the stickers on letters to showcase them and getting good use out of the stickers. Again it's a quick, easy and cheap DIY that will add flair to your bedroom.

The choices are also endless with this one as you can spell out your favorite groups name and spread the stickers among the letters or use your initials such as I did. I might eventually add my middle initial K and use up my Taeyang postage stamps and additional BIGBANG Alive Tour stickers. Though I chose to sit these on my bookcase, you can hang these on your wall, over your door or anywhere you'd like for them to go.

So without further ado, let's get started! Check out the video here or read below to get a handy step by step. And if you love this, don't forget to share on Pinterest!

What you'll need....

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Charish Home Décor Collaboration - Coffee Table Chic

Hey guys!
I recently did a collaboration with furniture and home decor site Chairish for a project to showcase bloggers home décor aesthetic. is a fun and easy way to buy and sell vintage furniture with other home décor lovers. So if you love home decor, check them out!

Now for this project I chose to showcase my fun and quirky home décor aesthetic. My personal style is Modern Eclectic because I love to mix and match different styles with modern pieces to make a cohesive and fun look. So for this coffee table I chose a modern style in a fun and vibrant color. For my Asian inspiration I used Japanese and Chinese elements along with chic and colorful modern pieces. Since I love to mix and match, I threw in a dash of southwestern with a bronze statue that adds length and a contrasting style.

Charish - Asian Eclectic

I hope you guys enjoyed my design and don't forget to head over to and like them on Facebook!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

K-DIY Wall Silhouettes - Home Décor

Hey guys it's April the Pink Fashion Ninja here with a new series I'm starting titled K-DIY Home Décor! As a visual merchandising I've always enjoyed home design but after getting 
my first official (and quite chic) apartment in the states I've caught the home décor bug
and it definitely isn't going away. And since I have so much space now I want to showcase
my memories and such from Korea but in a chic and awesome way. So with those
things combined I came up with K-DIY Home Décor to feed my design bug and share
ideas with my fellow Hallyu lovers. With a crazy amount of posters, kpop buttons, CD's, 
DVD, light sticks, concert tickets, magazines and more, I have to find a way to display
them and have them naturally flow with the design aesthetic of my place.

So first up is cheap and fun wall silhouette. Usually people do silhouettes of themselves
or their family members but I wanted to add my personality to it by using my 
favorite Kpop band! But it doesn't have to be just a kpop singer. Any of your favorite
Korean actors or entertainers can be used to create this. It's also under $20 to make 
which is awesome because you'll have chic wall art for little money.

So if you enjoy this post please share it with your Hallyu loving friends and share on 
Pinterest also! And if you make your own, share it with me and everyone else on Twitter!
Hit me at @pnkfashionninja.

So you guys ready?

Watch the video here or read more of the post to learn how to do this awesome K-DIY!

Series airs every other Friday!

Step 1
First you'll want to gather all these things!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

MAMA 2015 Red Carpet Best/Worst Dressed

The 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards ended with a bang with the most prominent starts in Korean and Asian culture showcasing their talents from the year. And of course they must showcase it with style! This year for the first time, the best dressed is long than the worst dressed. So maybe some artist heard our wales and changed their stylist? Let's hope.
But without further ado, here's the MAMA 2015 Best/Worst Dressed List. 

Don't forget to comment and sound off!

Best Dressed - Male

The silhouettes, color, fabrics and chicness of everything is FABOULUS. Absolutely stylish and what an awards show outfit should be. I usually don't like SHINee's attire but they really stepped up the game with this look. Key is giving me NY street chic to the fullest while Minho (dibibi^^) looks like he walked out of GQ magazine. And can we thank the kpop gods for Taemin bringing back the blond. My body is ready!!

Best Dressed Female
(Tie) Park Shin Hye & Hyuna

Stunning!!! Simple but chic! And girl those shoes! A simple, cute, fresh look with a sexy red lip. Girlfriend gets two thumbs up!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

MAMA 2015 Predictions

The year's most flamboyant awards show is back! The 4 hour long extravaganza known as the MNET Asian Music Awards 2015 is underway on December 2nd. Of course this year I'm looking forward to BIGBANG slaying, CL making her "Hello B*tches" debut and what Psy will do with his career. I'm also looking forward to BTS making their comeback on the stage but am pretty bummed out about SHINee, 4Minute and Red Velvet not performing. Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb and Crazy were the best releases from girl groups this year so why are they not performing?!!! 미처서 for sure. And where's my boo thang Rain??

But I digress.....

This year like every year, MNET allows you to give YOUR vote on who's the best of the best in the nominees. So today I'll be sharing my predictions for winners for this years MAMA 2015.

Let's begin!

So this year I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with the new releases as much as I usually do. Maybe because BIGBANG took up most of my time or this year I moved to Korea again and then back to the states and dealt with life. And you all know how life can take up much of your time to the point you don't have the time physically or emotionally to give to other things. So I think that was the reason, but none the less, it wasn't too hard to choose the best new male artist. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

DramaFever x MEMEBOX Beauty Box

Hey guys so DramaFever has an amazing collaboration going on with beauty company Memebox for new subscribers. if u subscribe before October 4th at the low rate of 35.99 a year, youll get a free memebox box worth $50!

So what comes in the box?


1) Your choice of lipstick from Memebox brand I'm Lipstick (check out the video below to see all the colors and know how to choose the best one for your skintone.)

Choose from 10 colors!

Costar Pink, Bliss Red, Pink Bikini, Noble Orange, French Coral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, About Time, O'Hara and Aphrodite.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Guest Blogger: M. Tayo - I’m Petty Rapstar: Volume 2

I'm Petty Rapstar: Volume 2
Because TransRacial Lives Matter Ya'll~

No that’s not a typo, that’s genuinely what I think the MNET show, Unpretty Rapstar: Volume 2 should be renamed, as that’s all I’ve witnessed so far. And this time, I’m here for all of it.

After the runaway success of the first season, one thing was made very clear: pettiness sells and gets people talking. So this season, all the focus is on petty one-upmanship, poor attempts at throwing shade and of course, our favorite type of appropriation: cultural appropriation.

I initially refused to watch Unpretty Rapstar, because I loathe the Korean variety/competition show editing technique where they instant replay before the event has even happened, which kills the momentum entirely. I used to find myself shouting at the screen in frustration over wanting just to experience the complete scene uninterrupted by other people’s reactions, (Jackson of GOT7 reuniting with his parents on Roommates is a great example of this terrible editing technique). Seriously Korea, stop it. Just let the scene speak for itself.

I’m also not a fan of runner-up Jessi. As a long time BoA fan, I wasn’t too impressed with the remarks she made about BoA’s alleged sexuality (it was a while ago, but still), plus I don’t like the delusion she has about being a skilled MC, when all she does is throw in random Korean words amongst mostly mangled English. However when I was introduced to the Goddess that is Cheetah, I changed my mind about this particular show.

So when I found out that Yubin, of the newly reformed Wonder Girls was scheduled to be on the show, it was a done deal.
I decided to watch it solely for Yubin (and maybe Hyorin, even though I’m still confused as to why she’s on the show).

A majority of the girls are very talented, mostly the older heads like Yubin, Gilme and Kittib. There’s even a wildcard in Yezi, but we all know that the standout talent is Truedy.

This young cat, entered the arena, decked out in old-skool hip-hop attire and threw so many English phrases around within the first 20 seconds of everyone meeting her, that they immediately questioned her nationality. When faced with the dreaded question that most mixed-Koreans face, she looked genuinely shocked and proclaimed that, she was a person from Eunpyeong-Gu (a region in Seoul). At no point did she mention the fact that she was mixed, either on the show or in any of the TV-spots before hand.