Monday, August 22, 2011

WARNING: These Accessories Might Cause a Seizure

WARNING: Your brain might explode from your head after viewing these pictures. Please do not email me the medical bill. Thank you. 

Jeremy Scott Hands Frame $259

Gun Shades $24

Madame X Shades $400

Spike and Crystal Rainbow Optimus Glasses $350

Gaga Shades $320

Lacy Mask with Bow $230

Hyper Cherries Headband $450
Rhianna wore this in her "S&M" video!

Plated Eyepatch $220

Spike Epaulette $150

14K Plated Mini Jezebel $115

MYOB Fringe Chain Necklace $58

Betty Rubble Pearls $160

Diamond Shape Studded Earrings $42

Brace Teeth Bracelet $116

Goldie Lux Hat $220

Paris Beret $450

Chiquita Shoes $3,000 to $3,600

Bordello Hot Pink Glitter Platform Pumps $88

Studded Bootes $3,700 to $4,300

Vanity Mirror Shoes $1,500 to $1,700
Patricia Field for MCM Drawstring Bag $550

Are you still alive? If you are, good! Order these amazing accessories now! I'm already typing in my card number..........
P.S. (There were so many items I loved I couldn't fit them all into one post so there will be a part 2!)

All of these items are from the fabulous Costume Designer/Stylist Patricia Field (Sex in the City, Devil Wears Prada) Check her out at

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